beyond sales engineers is your agency for online and offline sales optimisation. We started our business in 1982 under the name ‘VDM commercial consultancy agency’. Since then we have continuously been operating on the cutting edge of market research and commercial support. True to Rotterdam’s spirit, we believe actions speak louder than words and this is reflected in our innovative research concepts and one of a kind measurement and improvement programmes we have implemented for customers such as Bouwmaat, ING, Lexus and Renault Nederland.

&beyond supports the management teams of stores and organisations with sales optimisation.

The increasing online availability offers the consumer a greater choice and the option to compare products. As a result, there is less contact with employees on the shop floor. It is precisely then, during these rare moments of contact with the customer, that the performance of the sales employee can make the difference.

Like no other, the manager is able to improve the shop floor’s processes (for example through exemplary behaviour and paying compliments). Practice has learned that often there is not enough time to do this, as he needs to put a lot of his energy into non-customer orientated processes.


& beyond provides feedback from the customer’s perspective on the organisational basics and the commercial performance of employees.

&beyond works with consultants with higher professional education qualifications. They are responsible for visiting the stores, managers and employees. Based on their findings that are processed in dashboards, and the direct feedback to the manager on the shop floor, we create a learning environment in which continuous and concrete improvements can be achieved. These improvements are derived from current neuro-scientific insights.


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