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    Measure to manage. But in order to achieve better sales results it is important to determine how and what we need to measure. &beyond helps you to actually convert measurement into knowledge.

    We offer a wide range of solutions in order for you to gain insight into the customer experience and or/ your sales processes. Every research starts with setting a fixed objective and customised measurement points with corresponding measurement methods.

    Read more about how we can provide you with the right customer insights.


    We develop a new measurement programme by answering three questions:

    “What do we want to achieve?”: Together with our client we set up a process – or programme objective.

    “What do we measure?”: Each programme includes a customised questionnaire or itemised measure list, based on clear topics:

    • What needs structure
    • What do we have to know
    • What do we have to do
    • How do we achieve improvement together

    “How do we measure?”: Measurement guidelines ensure a uniform method of measurement. Different consultants perform measurements conform a uniform method and provide you with direct feedback on-site about what is going well, and which areas need improvement.

    Through a customised programme you will have a clear view on how to optimise your sales.

    Our solutions to increase sales

    &beyond offers a wide range of tools and solutions in order to customise the programme to your wishes and requirements: mystery feedback visits, mystery callings and open visits, as well as innovative methods of measurement by means of apps and dashboards. Read more about our solutions and products.


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