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Mystery Feedback &beyond

How does it work?

  • During a plenary instruction meeting (benchmark setting process) a team of consultants, tailored to your needs, sets the measurement standards (excellent, well, moderate, insufficient);
  • Mystery shoppers, our experienced &beyond advisors, visit your stores and assess each store on the employees’ interaction with the customers.
  • Afterwards these consultants make themselves known – unlike with the Mystery Visit – to the store manager and salespersons;
  • After he has revealed himself, the consultant will hold a feedback session with the store manager and performs a store check;
  • The consultant then files an online report on his tablet, based on the shop visit, the feedback session and the store check, resulting in a report per store;
  • Next, a final report is drawn up, taking into account all the store reports. This report shows what is going well and which areas need improvement.
  • What are the results?The personal contact between the mystery shopper and the store manager, during which the areas of improvement are pointed out, encourages direct improvement on store level;
  • Insight into how customers experience a visit to your store(s);
  • Insight into strengths and weaknesses;
  • Insight into your stores’ performance (benchmark reports);
  • Insight into stores with highest / lowest performance;
  • Insight into what extent your organisation is working towards improvement.

How much does it cost?

  • Costs depend on duration of the measurement session (€ 100 per hour);
  • One-off costs for questionnaire set-up;
  • Fix costs per measurement session, related to instruction/ coaching provided by our consultants for analysis/reporting.

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