Learning fast and in a fun way with the
1-2-3 Learning App

Providing information to your employees at the right moment. Not all at once, but split up into smaller parts. Learning in three simple steps in a fun and easy way: with a video, a short explanation and a test.

That is the power of our 1-2-3 Learning App. A convenient tool for an effective learning programme.


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Learning fast and effective in three simple steps

In the 1-2-3 Learning App, information about your products, processes, etcetera is presented in short and split-up learning themes. For every learning theme, users of the app go through 3 simple steps and thus learn in a fast and fun way:

  1. Video: in a short video, the desired behaviour is explained and shown
  2. Explanation: in a short description, it is explained why we do it this way
  3. Test: on the basis of a short knowledge test, we can check whether it is understood correctly

‘’The app is connected to the user friendly learning platform’’

Easily creating learning goals and levels yourself in the learning platform

The 1-2-3 Learning App is connected to a user friendly management tool, the so-called learning platform.

Here, you as a manager can easily create learning goals and various learning themes with different levels yourself.

Users of the 1-2-3 Learning App that are selected by you receive a message via SMS or email notifying them that a new learning theme is ready in the app.

After the successful completion of the learning theme, the user automatically receives a certificate. In the learning platform, the manager has access to an overview of which user obtained which certificate.

See directly how the platform works

Why should you choose for the 1-2-3 Learning App?

We think an effective learning programme starts with a proper instructive environment, where specific learning goals are offered in manageable parts, so that employees can achieve their goals. Offering information in a clear and manageable way is one of the 7 basic ingredients of an effective learning programme.

The 1-2-3 Learning App and the connected learning platform meet these basic requirements for an effective learning programme and therefore form an ideal instrument for every learning organisation. During all stages of the ‘learning journey’, starting from the onboarding of new employees, you can offer the information with the 1-2-3 Learning App in a clear, manageable and fun way to your employees.

Many preceded you already!

&beyond customized the 1-2-3 LearningApp for companies such as:

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