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It is an open door, and yet we kick in…

Accessories are an important sell-up opportunity when selling new cars. It is therefore very important that the cars in the showroom are equipped with the right accessories. It can now easily and effectively be checked by Areamanagers and Branch Management with the &beyond Accessories App. Accessories that are present and displayed in the showroom can be photographed in the App. If they are not present, it can be explained why this is and furthermore the correct action can be formulated. An annual growth in accessory sales of more than 10% can be realized in this way, as demonstrated in the many visits to brand dealers where the App is in use.

What are the benefits of the Accessoires App?

  • Easy to use smart phone (or tablet) application that registers and reports on presence of accessories in the showroom according to international Renault guidelines.
  • Based on measurement on site, compliance with the requirements for certification can be determined.
  • Usage of the application can be regulated (e.g. restricted to authorized auditors).
  • The application allows for an objective and evidence based measurement.
  • Optionally the application also contains a more behavioural checklist that measures and reports on skills of the Sales person. The process of measuring these skills is a good starting point for improving the commercial performance and for the auditor to share best practices.

What does the Accessoires App look like?

  • The Accessoires App is an online application that works on any smart phone or tablet.
  • Photos of the presence of accessories and the possibility to add explanations for a robust audit.
  • When the audit is finished, a PDF report can be send to any mailbox instantly.
  • Authorized users are offered an admin tool with which updates in the dealer network and App users can be managed. With the admin tool results can also be edited.
  • Optionally all measurements are made available in an online dashboard that can be accessed by authorized employees from anywhere. The link between the application and dashboard is automated and real time. The dashboard has benchmark functionalities.

If you are interested or if you have any questions about the Accessoires App, please contact us.

It will be our pleasure to help you!

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