Prepare at home and practice together in groups

Our sales people have a very demanding job. Prospects and customers would like to feel comfortable immediately. How do we organise our store to make sure they do? From early morning to late evening? Do our employees know the right answers to all our customers’ questions? Do they at least have good internet skills?

Training on the job, by the (store) manager, is a solution in some areas. Knowledge has a direct impact on both conversion and average ticket value. For how long is coaching and training needed in order to achieve automatism? How can we prevent teaching the same thing twice? And finally, how doe we use the power of the group in a positive way and keep the engagement?

This will become more and more important in the future and is exactly why it should be affordable and customised on brand – , store – and employee level.

Choose &beyond

Intake / Assessment

For a customised online training we assess the personal knowledge level of an employee.


We customise the learning environment to the employee’s knowledge level to make sure only new things are learned.


In addition to individual online training we also organise face-to-face support at group level.

Neuro principle

The manager directs and reinforces the employee’s behaviour through exemplary behaviour and paying compliments or giving sanctions.

Commercial hygiene

First and foremost, all things a customer can hear, see, smell or taste (commercial hygiene) should be up to par. This is the first part of the training setup.

(Listening) skills

Learning to carefully listen to a client and determine his needs: this is not automatic brain activity and requires in-depth training.

How does it work?

How does it work?

  • During a briefing interview we discuss the improvement areas and needs of your organisation.
  • In consultation with your stores we analyse the training needs.
  • Based on these findings we set up a training module for your employees, consisting of a training session on-site and an e-learning tool.
  • We develop an e-learning tool by using &beyond’s tool (apps, dashboards, etc.)
  • Besides online support, & beyond facilitates an interactive training on-site with your employees.

What are the results?

  • Personalised and targeted training for your employees, contributing to their personal development as well as improvement of your services on store level.
  • Raising awareness among the employees of the success factors of upselling and offering the client our input.

How much does it cost?

  • Available as from € 500 per store, based on the training of 4 employees.
  • Total cost accounting based on :(1) development e-learning module.(2) design training session on-site.(3) number of participating stores and employees.