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The customer’s opinion in the day-to-day process of the store

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Customer centric

Customers provide their feedback on the service model through a direct feedback app. The feedback will be communicated in real time to the team and serves as a learning environment for the employees.

Commercial skills

To what extent are your employees able to really understand the customer and his needs? In other words, are their commercial skills up to par?

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Easy installation

Our direct feedback apps are easy to install on various mobile devices. An experienced &beyond consultant is ready to assist you.

How does it work?

Hoe werkt het?
Direct feedback

  • A direct-feedback stand (figure 1) will be placed on your shop floor to enable customers to provide feedback on the quality of service through answering a limited number of questions.
  • Direct feedback – from the questionnaire completed online will be communicated in real-time to the management on the Management dashboard (figure 2), and to the employees via the Employee Monitor.


  • An experienced &beyond consultant pays an unexpected visit to the store and provides direct feedback on the customer experience (warm welcome) and the commercial skills based on (I) own observations and (II) direct feedback data analysis.
  • The results will be discussed with the manager. Together we define improvement actions and identify any needs for training/coaching.

What are the results?

  • Direct insight into the customer experience upon visiting your store.
  • Providing insight into operational issues that can be addressed directly.
  • Increase control on commercial skills of employees.
  • Increase traffic through delighted customers.

How much does it cost?

  • Costs depend on (I) the degree to which the direct feedback app needs to be customised, and (II) the duration of the measurement session.
  • Available as from € 500 for a ‘standard’ direct feedback app without any further adjustments.

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