Reporting Store Visits effectively with the
Formula Management app

Do you, as a formulation manager or district manager, want to capture your observations, notes, action points and agreements during a store visit in a easy and structured way in one simple app?

Our Formula Management app has it all!


Capture action points instantly

Users of the Formula Management app are able to safeguard the formula at the location of the store, and capture correct or incorrect matters with photos and notes, based on your (existing) digitized store checklist. All measurement instructions, in text and visuals, can be shown directly at the checkpoints.

The app can be used by employees, store managers, regional managers and others in the organisation. It can be customized in order to connect seamlessly to your processes.

‘’Everyone in the organization has insight into the results on their own level.’’

Use tasks to focus actions and monitor follow up

Connect to the app is a real-time Formula Management dashboard, in which benchmark and trend analyses can be made on all data captured with the app.

In this way, everyone in the organization has insight into the results on their own level, targeted actions can be created and monitored. Another benefit is that action points from previous visits can be retrieved directly as well, creating a watertight system of measurement and follow-up!

The benefits

  • Existing store checklists are digitized
  • Can be used quickly, easily and efficiently on every mobile device.
  • Photos, scores and notes can be added to your report
  • PDF reports of every visit are sent to your mailbox directly
  • Results of all visits are available real-time in an online dashboard
  • Tasks on points of improvement can be created and followed up
  • Many extra options can be customized
  • Scalable to multiple user groups, countries (languages) and additional checklists
  • Email notifications about low scores or tasks that are overdue
  • Connections with other systems to provide a comprehensive insight into the commercial performance and drivers for growth.

Many preceded you already!

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