Direct feedback on all stages of the customer journey with the help of our advanced
Mystery Shopping programmes

Does a customer experience a “warm welcome”? Is he or she properly listened to? Are the products or services presented in an enthusiastic way? Are the employees making a real connection with the customer?

Our Mystery Shopping programmes provide you with the answers to those questions, either direct of indirect.

Mystery Shopping as well with online journeys

Mystery Shopping is no longer restricted to physical locations. We create customised programmes and align them completely to the desired customer journeys within your organisation.

Today, we see that client conversations increasingly take place online as well, for example by using video conference software. No problem for our Mystery Shoppers. Also in online consultations, we are glad to map out the customer experience for you.


The power of direct feedback

Because a Mystery Shopper identifies him- or herself after an (online or offline) visit, you as an employee or local manager get cash on the barrel.

Our advisors provide you with direct feedback on what you could organise, which knowledge you need and what you could do to become better, and they always do so in a constructive manner.

This way, your customer experience is continuously improved.

‘’All data from the Mystery Shopping programme is real-time available in our online report-dashboards’’

National network with experienced client-advisors

&beyond employs a large pool of independent, professional advisors who can be used across the country for announced or unannounced conversations with your (sales) employees and their managers.

This can be done either physical (during a visit to your store), as well as via telephone or online. Regularly, they are used in combinations of online and offline journeys. Our Mystery Shopping specialists are happy to advise you on determining the topics (touchpoints) which form the basis for mapping out the customer journey.


Clear report-dashboards that drive action

All data from the Mystery Shopping programme is real-time available in our online report-dashboards.

We develop the dashboards in-house and can therefore provide insight into a variety of (internal and external) data streams, which are then connected to provide a complete insight into the performance of store locations and employees.

Via our task manager, points of improvement resulting from the Mystery Shopping visit can be directly converted to tasks, which can be tracked and followed up in the dashboard.

Why should you choose for our Mystery Shopping Services?

  • Concrete insights into the customer experiences
  • All possible customer journeys
  • By phone, online and/or by means of physical in-store visits
  • Programmes are fully customised
  • National coverage with professional client-advisors
  • Direct feedback after the visit
  • Clear online report dashboards
  • Digital follow-up on points of improvement

Many preceded you already!

&beyond provides Mystery Shopping services to companies such as:

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