Mystery Shopping &BEYOND

Direct commercial result through practical insight via Mystery Feedback

How to achieve a higher conversion and increase the average ticket value? Are the commercial procedures being implemented in a customer focused way? And, which could be even more important, have you created a warm, welcoming environment for your customer, is he being listened to and are the products presented in an enthusiastic manner? This information will become available through the visits of our mystery shoppers.

Direct feedback on service

Today day you’re in, tomorrow you’re out. Working together towards continuous improvement, which includes supporting of and paying attention to new colleagues.

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Customer journey

Feedback on the moments of truth in the purchase process: defining peak – and off-peak hours.

Customer perspective

From the customer’s point of view: do I feel welcome, am I being served well and do I like the product?

Direct Feedback

Direct feedback after measurement visits from our mystery shoppers, according to the principles of Event, Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviour and Effect.

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Management centric

The store manager should make the difference; neuroscience insights will lead to effective management.


Feedback on what we need to structure, what we have to know and what we have to do to improve. This is how we can keep improving the shopper’s experience.

Sharing best practices

Learning from each other by sharing successes and best practices.

How does it work?

How does it work?

  • During a plenary instruction meeting (benchmark setting process) a team of consultants, tailored to your needs, sets the measurement standards (excellent, well, moderate, insufficient);
  • Mystery shoppers, our experienced &beyond advisors, visit your stores and assess each store on the employees’ interaction with the customers.
  • Afterwards these consultants make themselves known – unlike with the Mystery Visit – to the store manager and salespersons;
  • After he has revealed himself, the consultant will hold a feedback session with the store manager and performs a store check;
  • The consultant then files an online report on his tablet, based on the shop visit, the feedback session and the store check, resulting in a report per store;
  • Next, a final report is drawn up, taking into account all the store reports. This report shows what is going well and which areas need improvement.

What are the results?

  • The personal contact between the mystery shopper and the store manager, during which the areas of improvement are pointed out, encourages direct improvement on store level;
  • Insight into how customers experience a visit to your store(s);
  • Insight into strengths and weaknesses;
  • Insight into your stores’ performance (benchmark reports);
  • Insight into stores with highest / lowest performance;
  • Insight into what extent your organisation is working towards improvement.

How much does it cost?

  • Costs depend on duration of the measurement session (€ 100 per hour);
  • One-off costs for questionnaire set-up;
  • Fix costs per measurement session, related to instruction/ coaching provided by our consultants for analysis/reporting.