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Are your employees aware of how customers talk about your organisation with their friends? The NPS App provides direct contact between staff and your customers. This App, on your phone or tablet, allows your employees to identify the customer experience, in a structured way, with customers of your store, within just a few minutes. After having received brief instructions by &beyond, employees will be able to use this App when requesting customers’ opinions on the quality of service. The dashboard will show the results immediately and in case of any extremes, the manager receives a notification by phone to enable an urgent response.

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Net Promotor Score

NPS is an important indicator for the customer experience in your store.


The dashboard shows the manager to what extent your customers recommend your store and why.

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Effectiever klantcontact

Use the NPS measurement tool to improve effectiveness of customer contact.

Proactieve support

&beyond experts show you how to correctly use the tool.

How does it work

How does it work?

  • Together we determine which questions should appear in the NPS app, after which we will develop the app according to the look & feel of your company.
  • In the app you can easily select the appropriate customer type for performing the NPS measurement (for example male/female, young/old, buyer/non-buyer etc.)
  • We visit the store to teach your employees how to use the app.
  • Your employees conduct a short (face-to-face) interview with the customers using the NPS-app.
  • The measurement results are available in a dashboard or a one-off report in either excel or pdf, in which the NPS score is calculated and thus can also be benchmarked against other stores.
  • A helpdesk, by email or phone, is available to answer any questions that might occur during the measuring.
  • After a measurement session we’d be happy to visit to evaluate the results and determine follow-up actions

How much does it cost?

  • Costs for the development of a basic NPS app including training on-site and coaching of your employees start as from € 2,500. We provide you with an offer customised to your wishes and requirements.

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